Our Staff

Our staff are all carefully selected, highly experienced and well trained. We choose people that are naturally empathetic with a genuine desire to make a difference to the lives of our residents.

Whether a nurse, hairdresser or a catering assistant, everyone shares the same values.


Home Manager

Hola! The Home is managed by Mrs Dania Meadows, latino-american lady from Havana, Cuba!
Dania was actually born to dance salsa, but instead, she decided to become an experienced care home manager and Registered Mental Health Nurse.
From her day one as a manager of Barrowhill Hall, she showed strong leadership role and with the speed of light, Dania raised up standards of our Home. Her every day quest is finding new ways to enrich our residents lives. Dania has strong sense of duty. Like every other lady out there, she is a devotee to chocolate, her personal fuel for further progress of a Home. Dania oversees the day to day running, liaising with GP’s, Community Psychiatric Nurses, Mental Health Assessors, Dietitians and other visiting professionals. She also chairs regular resident’s family meetings. Dania ensures the Home is compliant with all the latest regulations and that staff are equipped with the latest technology and are trained to the highest level.

Rhee McGirr

Clinical Lead Nurse

Rhee is always here when it matters and when you need her. She is a high quality specialist and support for everyone in our Home. Her focus are the residents and their well being. But, that’s not all. She also strongly stands behind each and every of the employee as a guardian of Justice. Even though she is not in favour of roller skating, she is rolling like a pro in providing quality and consistent support for all the nursing and health care team to ensure residents receive the very best care. Rhee is an experienced, effective and fully certified Nurse. Rhee also supports Dania in both clinical decisions and home strategy’s.

Geoff Aris

Business Development Manager

Geoff performs the role of our Business Development Manager and Lead Assessor.
Geoff holds a degree in Advanced Dementia studies from Bradford University.
He is also an active member of Rocester Village and a part of the wind band. Along with visiting people’s homes or temporary homes for assessments, he also ensures the quality of service is high and we remain compliant with our regulators. In free time, which he basically doesn’t have, Geoff takes a long walks with Ted (his dog), keeps expanding his knowledge by reading books and stays fit with early morning runs or rowing. Geoff's versatility has no ends.

Dawn Dennison

Finance Manager & Churnet Management Lead

A dog rescuer and another foster parent of guinea pigs here among Barrowhill Hall team.
Finances can be a concern to a lot of families, but Dawn as a climber is easily managing any barriers on the sight. Only Mt. Everest is the limit! Finance Manager Dawn oversees the finances of the home and is available to answer any questions families may have. She also assists in the general oversight of everyday operations in Churnet Lodge. Dawn is a runner as well, meaning all of her tasks she is executing on time and before time.

Paula Dixon

Office Manager

Paula heads up the day to day administration work which goes into operating a care home, including residents and staff. Outside of work she likes walking, baking cakes and like most women she likes to go shopping!

John Micallefe

Maintenance Manager

A brave man who decided to leave his beautiful island called Malta (the Door to Europe) and find his new establishment in England, treating us with his presence. Sir John is a knight who both plans and carries out the regular maintenance of the Home to insure the residents and staff have a safe and well-kept home 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

Kirstyn Williams


Football star in the rising. A cat person. Kirstyn is driven by the desire to assist people around her. She makes daily positive changes in our residents lifes by her kindness, empathy and willingness to go the extra mile and to learn new skills.

Wayne Taylor


Wayne, a man hard to locate since he is covering variety of places in Barrowhill Hall assisting our residents in their daily life. Secret agent with a mission to provide outstanding care for each and every precious resident he is taking care of.

Ashidali Kuzhikadavil Abidali


Here it is, all the way from Independent Kerala State within Asian continent, Mr. Ash. A kickboxing talent and armwrestling champion. Ash decided to join Barrowhill Hall team and became valuable member of our fast growing and hard working multicultural community.

Dawn Smith

Head Chef and Catering Manager

For Dawn cooking is her passion and lucky enough it's her business. Dawn liaises with specialist dietitians to ensure our residents enjoy planned yet fabulously tasting food. Dawn loves nothing more than going out with friends!

Trinity Green


Trinity is non-fictional character. She truly is a carer and everything what that word represents. Trinity usually works at night, sleeps at day and her personal characteristics are patience, empathy and constant learning and improvement.

Clare Blamey


Clare is the one who makes each and every corner of our home clean and cozy for our residents.

Ivana Windsor

Team Leader

Like Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s disappearance, Ivana's arrival remains a mystery!
Croatian born, and like fellow countryman Nikola Tesla, Ivana is a thinker and is in constant pursuit of perfection in her desired field of Care. With more energy than Luka Modrić, and her effervescent personality means the residents and the staff of The Dove House have a great carer and colleague.

Naomi Austin


Naomi radiates positivity and Lucozade. For her colleagues, she is always here to support their back in case they need her. When it comes to our residents, she is the one who puts smile on their faces by increasing overall well being and can-do attitude!

Alison Moore

Churnet Lodge Senior Lead/Safeguard Lead

Alison is Churnet Lodge Lead, Safeguard Lead, Senior Senior, a carer.
Alison is our Guide when it comes to safeguarding, following the procedures and undertaking actions which are in the best interests for our residents. Alison also writes the care plans and motivates people around her to do more every single day so our residents can be immaculate. Alison is a book of Knowledge when it comes to care and BHH won a lottery in 2013 having her as a member of our Team since then.

Laura Fallows

Lead Senior

Wife, mother of three, a queen and foster parent of six guinea pigs. A dedicated and experienced carer, fully committed and conscious about her daily duties in our Home. Recently upgraded to a Lead Senior role. Only Sky is the Limit. Also, her dog is often mistaken for a fox.

Christopher Huxley

RMN Staff Nurse

Never fear, Chris is here! Christopher gave up on his promising career as a professional golfer so he can commit his life to promote highest standards of health and prevention of illness. Every day he is providing the best care for our residents in Barrowhill Hall, while building trust and administering medications prescribed by the doctors.

Jack Beddows


Jack is in charge of maintaining the estate of Barrowhill Hall and ensuring the gardens are in immaculate condition

Mark Dennison


Mark both plans and carries out the regular maintenance of the home to insure the residents and staff have a safe and well-kept home 24hrs a day 7 days a week. Outside of the home Mark is a keen adventurer and enjoys climbing, kayaking, running basically anything scary!

Qazeem Ibrahim

Team Leader

Our African brother, Nigerian born carer. A singing Team Leader, always ready to help - not only to our residents, but also to all the members of our team.


Domestic and Carer

All the way from Germany, Guten Tag! Ulrike is covering variety of duties within our Home. At the moment, Ulrike is valuable member of Domestic Team. Before she made a transfer, she was and still is (in her heart) a carer.


Activity Coordinator

Since Val's dedication to her work has no limits, she took a step further in her overall progress and decided to change a colour of her car to match the colour of her uniform at work. Val went all red! Now, she is coming to job in style making sure daily life of our residents is fulfilled with varieties of activities. With Val, not every day is the same.

Clare Staniforth-Armstrong

Staff Nurse

Clare has been a nurse for over 29 years, she wanted to utilise her caring and compassionate nature and so Nursing was the perfect profession. Clare is married with 1 son and enjoys skiing, gardening, art and reading in her spare time.

Imogen Hudson


Imogen is fueled by Oreo's and Starbucks. Apart of that, she is always positive and extremely passionate about her work. Imogen has strong person-centred approach, she is reliable and committed to her daily duties as a carer.

Sherilee McConnon

Front of House & Management Support

Alfa and Omega of all the actions and positive reactions in Barrowhill Hall. Sherilee is the one to go to. The lady behind the desk and the brain behind daily organisation and movements within the Home. She is not only going to answer your phone call or welcome you politely in the reception area with her smiley face. She is multitalented individual covering administrative duties who is constant support to our management team.

Miles Jennings


A guitar player, a decorator and painter. All three talents innate in one person. Mr. Miles is taking care about our Home on daily basis, making sure indoor and outdoor environment is eye appealing for our residents and all respectful visitors.

Sue Riley

Lead Senior

Ink addict and beautiful soul, living her life to the fullest. Sue has been carer for twelve years. After two years of her career within care settings, due to her consistent, dedicated, committed and passionate work, she launched herself to Senior position. Later, she has successfully landed, like Apollo 11, on Lead Senior position from where she is navigating and promoting tasks and best practices in all aspects of Barrowhill Hall concerning staff, carers, external agencies, residents and their families.

Gemma Freeman

Head Of Domestic

Gemma heads up our busy domestic team and ensures that home is kept is pristine condition. Gemma enjoys spending time with her family and socialising with friends.

Emma Dowling

Senior Carer

Emma is a senior carer in Churnet Lodge and oversees the care delivered for those living with early on-set Dementia and memory loss.

Esther Metcalfe


Esther is often coming to work with a loud music in her car so everybody knows she safely arrived. Apart of that, she has been a carer since 2004 inspired by a care she provided for her grandmother. When she is not on duty, Esther loves going to cinema and shopping.

Miss Hollie Carter


Most wanted person in the building. One person who makes everyone happy. The Great Chef who keeps all the culinary secrets. You know how they say - love goes through the stomach. Hollie is the one making sure our residents are receiving healthy and balanced diet with immense focus on nutritionally rich food.

Laura Collins

RMN Staff Nurse

Laura Initially worked at Barrowhill Hall as a Carer, however after becoming inspired by our Nursing team she decided to complete a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Nursing at Derby University and is now back at Barrowhill Hall.

Mollie Fowell


Mollie has supernatural powers. She moves fast and smoothly making sure each and every of our residents is receiving outstanding, top quality care. She has an eye of an eagle and nothing can pass under her radar when it comes to our residents well-being.

Md Rajibul Islam


Raj is the one who is example how to apply professional cricket skills into a care work. Those characteristics are self belief, commitment, attention to details and nevertheless hand-eye coordination for safe manual handling of our residents. Raj covers all the aspects and qualities of care work.

Sally-Ann Davis, Gemma Freeman, Hayley Elizabeth Turner

Domestic Team

These three ladies are making sure our Home is shining 24/7.

Would you like to join our team?