Fun and fish and chips on our holiday to Blackpool!

Moving into care doesn’t mean that holidays have to end. We recently took five of our residents for a stay in Blackpool.

With careful planning we arranged accommodation in a hotel and plenty of sightseeing.

All of our holidaymakers had been to Blackpool before and the Illuminations brought back childhood memories of seeing the lights and riding on the trams. Doreen could even point out where she used to stay with her family!

The party, which included Alina, Maria, Becky and Stefan from our care team, enjoyed walking along the North Pier, remembering the joy of donkey rides on the beach, ice creams and sticks of rock to take home.

On the final day, they took a trip up to Fleetwood for a spot of shopping and a fish and chip lunch, and everyone agreed they’d had a wonderful time.

“Residents are still talking about it several weeks later,” said our training manager, Elaine Belcher, who made the trip happen. “They want to know when they can go away again! Going on holiday is something we all love to do and we were determined to create this opportunity.

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