“The best thing about Barrowhill Hall is that we’re a family.”

Deputy manager Rhiannon McGirr is better known as Rhee to everyone at Barrowhill Hall.

“We’re like a family here,” she said.  “We all work really well together and the carers give residents the same attention they would give their grandparents.”

Being a nurse is all Rhee ever wanted to do.  She began to specialise in elderly care six years ago and has been with us since 2012.

“Older people deserve looking after,” said Rhee.  “I’m also very interested in dementia because it has so many variants.

“It’s great when we get those moments of sparkle from the residents, when you make a connection or you see a memory come to life.”

Rhee came to Staffordshire thanks to her next door neighbours when she was living in Hampshire.

“They were moving and they kind of took me with them – I was ready for a new adventure and I thought, why not!”

Rhee lives in Rocester with her husband Mac, and their two rabbits Ludo and Hoggle.

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