Jennifer returns to her love of music at Churnet Lodge

Activities involving music are among the most popular here and we give residents the chance to get involved.

We recently bought a keyboard and among those making the most of it is Churnet Lodge resident, Jennifer.

“I learned to play piano at school more than 60 years ago,” she said.  “I love music, it’s been a lifelong hobby, but it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to play.  It’s wonderful to be able to do it here.”

Jennifer and fellow resident, John, have been enjoying trying tunes out together and activities coordinator, David Roberts Jnr, says they’re not the only ones.

“We wanted people to have access to the keyboard and just play around with it,” he said.  “They love hearing the notes, they like the sounds they’re able to make.  And the more they practice the greater sense of achievement they get.

“As well as giving them pleasure in the moment and allowing them to be creative, the music is great for reminiscence.  It stimulates memories that help them to feel more settled and at home.

“John’s not able to say anything about his past experience of playing music but his enjoyment is clear.”

The keyboard can also be programmed to play songs so the residents can use it for worship, a group sing song and even play tunes to dance to.

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